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Vaginal was founded as a result of my fathers’ battle with Lung Cancer. The more I learned, the more I understood, the more I accepted and the more I questioned. This has become my therapy. It is our hope that you find the information that you are looking for. The search links are edited manually to enhance the search results. Feel free to recommend links. We do not agree with every site in the directory but feel it should be your decision to use it, not ours. Please acquire as much information as you can. Trust yourself.

To create the site we have traveled to the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) show and to national cancer centers. We are working on other projects with doctors and will apply what we learn to this site.

The CancerTrack Team:

Albert Vara - Cofounder / Editor
CancerTrack, LLC

Roy Steven Herbst, M.D., Ph.D - Cofounder / Medical Advisor
MD Anderson Cancer Center

Rogerio C. Lilenbaum, MD, M. Sc. - Medical Advisor
The Mt. Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center

Daniel Sinto - Webmaster
CancerTrack, LLC

If you are a patient, family member or friend: Filter the information and talk to your doctor about it. It is not fair to print out hundreds of pages and ask your doctor to decipher it. Give yourself some credit; your editorial and learning abilities will empower you to understand what is in front of you. In my experience, a list of questions and a few specific printouts will give the most information to the physician about your concerns. Never substitute what you learn from a computer for a doctor’s advice (please read our disclaimer). Please recommend any ideas that you may have regarding this site.

If you are a physician: Please recommend any ideas you may have for information for the medical community and features you think will be helpful to patients.

If you are a webmaster at another site: Ask about trading links or adding your logo to our search pages for FREE! If you do not wish your site to be listed or would like it in a different category, please e-mail us and it will be changed. believes:

The people using the site are capable of deciphering the information and thus we will list sites even if controversial. (Please read our disclaimer)

The more the user knows the more likely they will make the right decision.

This site is a living, breathing document. It will change constantly.

We use "open source software" such as the Linux operating system, Apache web servers, Perl programming, and MYSQL databases. Although we are proficient in other "Retail" products, open source systems are free or low cost and may be modified by knowledgeable users. This permits us to exchange with the webmasters of other sites that are "non-profit" without raising license issues.

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